Guitar Tutor and Founder

Having played guitar for over 20 years, I have experience of a wide range of styles such as Rock, Classical, Blues, Latin and Jazz. I hold a Bachelor's Degree from the Academy of Contemporary Music, DipLCM - Jazz Guitar and Grade 8 Classical guitar.  As well as teaching at the Tremolo Guitar School I also teach at Aylesbury High School. 


"Simon has been teaching my son for several years (since he was 9) and seen him successfully through several grades with patience and enthusiasm. He excels at all styles – acoustic or electric, Django to Dimebag Darrell, Sheeran to Shred"

”Simon has taught our eldest son, Harry (now 15) , the electric guitar for the last 4 years. Simon is an extremely talented guitarist and a great teacher who has encouraged Harry to have passed his first 3 grades. We would highly recommend Simon to anyone wanting lessons".

"Simon has been a great inspiration for my 16 year old son William who was on the verge of giving up guitar. Will finds his enthusiasm inspiring, and has swiftly moved through the Rock grades with great results. I'd highly recommend Simon to anyone from beginner to advanced"

"I had guitar lessons at school for 3 years. I found them dull and never used to practise in between. Then my Mum said I would be having lessons at home with Simon. He is a passionate, enthusiastic teacher and is always patient with me. Simon has identified the gaps in my knowledge and corrected some bad habits I had picked up. His lessons are well paced and I look forward to them. I would definitely recommend him to students of all levels. 
PS I now practise 5 times a week!"

“Simon has taught electric guitar to our daughter Madeleine who really enjoys his lessons. He is a true professional; very knowledgeable and skilled in what he does and able to work with any style of music. We would give him the highest recommendation!"


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