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Online Music Tutoring for Children

Having an online music tutor is valuable for homeschooling.

Online Music Tutoring offers all the one-to-one exposure of a traditional lesson without the inconvenience of needing to travel.


Use Skype or Zoom! 


   Home learning is quickly emerging as a viable alternative to physical lessons, for students from around the world.


Music Theory Grades, Music Aptitude Tests and GCSE Music revision 


All you need to get started is your smartphone or laptop. You can learn from the comfort of your home wherever you are in the world, using Skype or Zoom. 

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Don't know your diminished from your diminuendos and your crotchets from your crescendos?

We've got you covered! Sign up for our new Music theory classes using the link bellow. We have classes for all abilities from people wanting to brush up on their harmony to those looking to get their grade 5 and above.

GCSE Music Tutoring

Work on written exams, listening, composition and performing. With one to one lessons structured to fit the needs of the individual student.​ 

Music Apptitude Test 

Coming soon....

Meet your Music Tutor


Music Tutor

With over 20 years of playing under his belt, Simon has experience of a wide range of styles including rock, classical, blues, Latin and jazz. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from the Academy of Contemporary Music, a DipLCM Jazz performance diploma and Grade 8 in classical guitar. 

As well as teaching at the Tremolo Guitar School, Simon is the contemporary guitar tutor at Aylesbury High School. 

He performs regularly at music venues, festivals, wedding receptions and functions.


Music Tutor

A master’s degree graduate of the Guildhall School of Music, Feliks is a passionate teacher and musician. He has over 15 years of playing experience and has studied under some of the UK’s leading musicians and teachers. 


Lessons aim to be fun and engaging, whilst also helping the student progress to their potential. Beginners and all ages are very welcome!

 Outside of teaching, Feliks has had the pleasure to perform at some of London’s most famous venues with a variety of groups – such as Ronnie Scott’s, 606 Jazz Club and The Vortex.

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